Singers on YouTube part 4 📼

Singers on YouTube part 4 📼

In YouTube there are so many special singers that need more attention. Maybe next time when you seek for new music to listen, you find a great cover singer from YouTube? Let’s introduce a few more singers on YouTube. 🎵

Singers on YouTube part 4

In the last part we introduced three YouTube users that have put an effort on recording great singing videos and spreading their talent to the world. First we talked a little about Sam Tsui who has made awesome music videos and songs of his own. It’s easy to find him because he still is one of the most popular singers on YouTube. Jackie Evancho is very talented and it can be heard that she has polished her singing techniques a lot. Being a young professional singer her YouTube channel consist mainly of her live performs and interviews. The third YouTube channel that we introduced was nigahiga. Maybe you have seen his funny music videos or at least his sketch videos.

Conor Maynard 😎

Conor Maynard has 5,7 million subscribers on YouTube and for a reason! His voice is beautiful and he can also accompany himself with a piano. He has made a music of his own and also music producers have noticed his talent. This is how he describes himself on his Facebook Biography: “i basically record covers of the latest big songs, and upload them to youtube, and hope that all you guys love them! 🙂 My brother from another mother Anth (Anthony Melo) collabs with me from time to time, make sure you go check him out!!! SICK RAPPER RIGHT THERE!!”. Conor is actively using social media so go ahead and follow him for example on Instagram. Here you can have a foretaste of his music:

Hannah Trigwell 👩

Another YouTube singer with amazingly beautiful voice is Hannah Trigwell. When you want to hear emotional songs performed wholeheartedly, type Hannah Trigwell to YouTube and there you have plenty of beautiful songs for listening to. British Hannah has learnt to sing and write songs by herself. She was noticed after she uploaded videos to YouTube and now she had international tours! If you are living in United Kingdom, you will have several chances to see her performs this Autumn. Go check her website for more information. Luckily she has a lot of material online so that we can listen to her music even though she doesn’t live nearby:

Ten Second Songs 🕙

The third YouTube channel for this blog article is called Ten Second Songs. This man, aka Anthony Vincent, is a little bit different cover singer. He imitates different kind of singing styles and sings one song changing a style usually twenty times. His talent has been noticed since his channel has 2,4 million subscribers. Anthony puts a lot of effort to his videos: he has to figure out how to imitate each style with instruments and his voice. It’s needless to say that those need much planning and time. Check out this video and find a new channel to subscribe on YouTube:

And once again, we have introduced some great talents found from YouTube. Do you already follow these stars or would you like to see your favorites on this blog? Feel free to comment below! Thanks for reading and see you next time. 😊


– Conor Maynard’s Facebook site
– Hannah Trigwell’s Facebook site
– Website of Ten Second Songs, About site

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