Singers on YouTube part 3 💫

Singers on YouTube part 3 💫

Social media has a great power of giving singers more visibility. It seems that some of the biggest stars have got their beginning on YouTube!

Singers On YouTube part 3

Last time I wrote a bit about Shawn Mendes, Christina Grimmie and a cute couple of Max & Harvey. Shawn Mendes is an example of a famous celebrity that became better known because of YouTube. Also Christina Grimmie was known all over the World and her career started with homemade cover videos. Max & Harvey are today’s promising stars and they also can benefit modern social media. Let’s find more YouTubers that can sing!

Sam Tsui 😎

In many lists on the Internet, Sam Tsui is the most popular singer on YouTube. He is known for covers and also his original music being an American songwriter and video producer along his great singing talent. Sam has almost 3 million subscribers and his most popular video has over 36 million views. Sam Tsui has a soft and pretty high voice, which is perfect for beautiful pop and ballad songs. His channel consists mainly on singing videos, alone and together with other singers and instrument players. Occasionally he also shoots vlog videos. Like many other YouTubers he has a very professional style in his videos. For example his newest piece has a cool music video:

Jackie Evancho 👧

Nine years ago the first video of Jackie was uploaded on her YouTube channel. There 7 year-old girl sings unbelievably beautifully! No wonder she became famous at ten years old when she take part in America’s Got Talent TV show. Maybe you can remember her performs on television? Jackie has also made history a couple of times. She was the youngest solo platinum artist, the youngest Top 5 debut artist ever in U.K and for example the youngest solo artist concerting at Lincoln Center. Jackie Evancho’s YouTube channel is still active and now she has also released her album “Two Hearts”.

Nigahiga 😄

Nigahiga is a well-known YouTuber and he has also made some music. You have certainly watched at least a clip of nigahiga’s video but maybe you haven’t heard their music? Nigahiga’s front man, Ryan Higa, is famous for his comedy videos and he has also launched a foundation as well as released a book. Ryan has uploaded music videos made with other YouTubers. For example a humorous song, “Nice Guys”, has been made with Chester See, Kevjumba, Dtrix, Cathy Nguyen and Kina Grannis. It has been watched over 70 million times:

Were these YouTubers familiar to you? If not, maybe you should check their channels out! If your favorite singer from YouTube hasn’t been introduced so far, maybe we will meet him/her next time! Until then, happy singing and enjoy the summer! ☀️


– Sam Tsui’s official website, Bio
– Jackie Evancho’s official website, : About Jackie
– Website of Higa Tv, About Ryan Higa

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