Vocal Ranges 😮🎶

Vocal Ranges 😮🎶

Have you tried to sing along a song that goes far too high or low? I know, that sucks. Even though it may be possible to expand your vocal range little bit by training, everybody has their limits. Do you know which of the vocal ranges suites you the best? 🎵

Vocal Ranges

It’s important to listen to your body and find a vocal range that is comfortable to you. Bands play songs in terms of singer’s abilities: songs can be transposed into suitable key for the singer’s register. In choirs and polyphonic singing singers are usually categorized by their vocal ranges. You may have heard of these main vocal ranges:

Soprano 🐦

This is the highest vocal range category for high female or boy voices. In my school’s singing classes, soprano was the most popular range partly because the main melody was always sung by sopranos. Of course young girls sing naturally high and also boys could sing the main melodies at the some cases. Soprano singers can sing typical from B3 to C6 but there are of course exceptions. Range is defined by our physique and size of the vocal cords, so don’t think that you are a bad singer if you can’t sing high notes! If you seek for a karaoke song for sopranos, try singing Sia’s Chandelier. That chorus goes up till note F5!

Alto 🙋

Alto range is for low female voices. Although alto singers don’t usually sing melody lines, the range is important. Singing range of alto is about from F3 to D5, but if the singer can sing lower, she is more valuable to choir. Sometimes alto is called contralto but in some cases they are a bit different ranges. Contralto is the lowest female voice range and can sing about from E3 to F5. For example Adele’s Rolling in the Deep would be a suitable song for most of the alto singers.

Tenor 👨

This is the range for high male voice. At younger ages it’s normal to have only a couple of singing parts for different vocal ranges. In elementary school many boys wanted to join to sopranos because they sang the main melody. But for example in my high school we had few tenor singers in the mixed choir. Some girls had to sing with them for the better balance. Tenors can sing about from C3 to B4 and their notes are usually written with the key of F key instead G. Frank Sinatra’s Fly me to the Moon is an example of a tenor song.

Bass 🐻

Bass singer has the lowest voice. In high school times many boys wanted to sing bass range even though the right category would have been a range between tenor and bass. That’s called baritone, having the range of G2 to G4. Some bass singers can reach as low as it’s possible for human voice. The general range for bass singers is however from D2 to E4. Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire is suitable for deeper voices.

These were the main vocal range categories, also labeled as SATB (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass) ranges. Vocal ranges can be categorized into many smaller parts so these are only the general ones. Let’s keep singing and find our vocal ranges!


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