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Why is it so hard to sound good? How is it possible to reach high notes? Singing may feel difficult when you try to sound like your favourite singer and just can’t understand how it’s possible to sing like that. With these small singing tips you can make it a bit easier:


Singing should feel as natural as speaking so relax your shoulder and loose the tension within your throat. Don’t think anything stressful and remember that singing is quite mental. Your brain should be able to rest instead of work hard!

Warm Up

You may also have heard about warming up your voice and body so that singing becomes easier. To be able to sing as easily as talk, you have to relax your throat by for example yawning, humming or doing some head rolls. You can do a little stretching and shaking to be able to feel as relaxed as possible. Every singer has their own warm up style and you should try to generate your own warm up habit. Internet is full of different kind of singing practices but you can try first this classical warm up:

You can hum and choose different vocals and syllables. La, ma, sa, pa, ro…

Find your style

You can start with easy songs and try to exercise so that you can sing them perfectly. You may be soprano so singing high notes is your thing or maybe you are a tenor and that’s why you could sing better lower. It’s important to sing in the range that is comfortable so don’t torture your voice! You can expand your voice register little by little with the help of vocal practices.
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SingOn Ltd. is a Finnish company which was founded in 2009. It has previously developed a web browser based service called and karaoke service for PlayStation 3. Karaoke Game mobile application is part of SingOn brand having the special lyrics display that shows melody’s pitch with letters so singer can read the lyrics and learn songs’ melodies at the same time. This makes it possible to learn new songs notably faster than with classic karaoke’s lyrics display!
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