Singer – the most popular member of the band? 😎

Singer – the most popular member of the band? 😎

Often bands are defined by the singers. We speak about artists and singers more than the other musicians in the band. Why is singer the most popular member of the band? Or is it? 🤔

Singer - the most popular member

When you think about some band, do you see their singer on your mind? Singer is often the front man of the band, speaking for the other members and connecting to their audience. Instruments can be played differently but they always sound kind of same. Singer gives personality to the band singing with a voice that can only be sung by him or her.

The voice as an instrument 👨‍🎤

Singing can be done in so many ways. It’s possible to make the most extraordinary sounds with your vocal cords. It’s fascinating and maybe also one of the reasons why singers are appreciated so much. Voice is a unique instrument, it’s organic and you can’t get the exact sound with a machine. Every singer has their own style and personal specialities and it’s harder to be unique with an other instrument. It’s true that in some cases bands are known for their talented guitarists or other instrument players but especially in today’s music the singers are put on a pedestal. Instruments can be replaced with a computer and the result will be reasonable but if you make singer out of a robot, the sound will totally become different than with real voice cords.

You can do it too! ✌️

There is no need to buy any instruments when you have one of your own! When you hear your favorite song it’s easy to start humming the melody and repeating the lyrics. The easiest way to participate in music is to start singing. You can be a part of the song! Do you know how singers give the mic to the audience in the concerts? At that moment people in the concert hall sing together because they know the melody and lyrics. Singer may be the most popular member because he or she plays the instrument that you own too.

Connecting 🙋

Singing is more than just a melody. Lyrics play very important part in music, the most important one in some cases. Singing is kind of a second state of poetry or literature. Singers add melody and their vision to the lyrics, and finally tell us a story. Lyrics touch people and band can have a connect to their listeners with them. Some lyrics annoy, some makes us happy. We may relate to the lyrics and have emotions towards the meaning of the song. Singer speaks for the band and listeners have the best contact to him or her. When you are at the concert, it’s really hard to avoid watching the singer. Looking at the person when he or she speaks is natural! Singer creates a relationship to the audience and maybe that’s why he or she is the most popular member of the band.

Of course in some bands also instrument players are brought out well. For example, everybody recognizes Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist Flea, possibly because of his crazy personality. Another clear example is Guns N’ Roses’ guitarist Slash. You may not know what does Axl Rose look like but Slash is so iconic that he can’t be missed! Every member is needed and some of them just gain more attention than others. Thank You for reading this blog post. 🙂 See you next week!


– Inspiration from Quora discussion, ”Why are singers more popular than other musicians?”

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