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How to become a karaoke singer 😎

How to become a karaoke singer 😎 Karaoke experience can be enjoyable or a bit humiliating. Of course we all want to have the best karaoke performance as it can be so maybe a small preparation could be good for
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Vocal Ranges 😮🎶

Vocal Ranges 😮🎶 Have you tried to sing along a song that goes far too high or low? I know, that sucks. Even though it may be possible to expand your vocal range little bit by training, everybody has their
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Can’t sing, Don’t care

I want to be a star but I can’t sing! 😧 Hey I know that you can’t probably sing very well and that’s totally fine! Singing is truly overrated and of course you can become a star without being able
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New Lyric Display helps you to become a Karaoke Star! ✨

New Lyric Display helps you to become a Star!✨ Do you know the feeling when you are about to start singing karaoke and you have no idea how the melody goes when the lyrics begin? Chorus’ melody may be as
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March’s Top Songs on Karaoke Game

March’s Top Songs of Karaoke Game Karaoke Gamers have decided! These are the most popular songs of March: Adele – Hello Twenty One Pilots – Heathens Lukas Graham – 7 years Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna – This is what you
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Learn with Karaoke Game

Learn with Karaoke Game! Usually karaoke is perceived as an entertainment and for a reason! It is fun to sing karaoke but it can also be educational. And because of the importance of Digital Learning, let’s use our mobile phones
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Singing Tips

Tips for better singing Why is it so hard to sound good? How is it possible to reach high notes? Singing may feel difficult when you try to sound like your favourite singer and just can’t understand how it’s possible
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