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Style yourself like a rock star! 👨‍🎤

Style yourself like a rock star! 👨‍🎤 When you decide to become a singer, you must remember to style yourself in a proper way. Choose your genre and get the right clothes out of your closet! Few artists get their
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Playlist Analysis: Sunshine ☀️

Playlist Analysis: Sunshine ☀️ It’s summer and this playlist is perfect for sunny and warm days! Sunshine playlist on Karaoke Game includes happy songs that bring a smile to your face! Some of the songs are old, some are pretty
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Harmony Singing

Harmony Singing You may have heard the melody at the background of the song. That’s called harmony singing! Karaoke Game’s music tracks also include some harmony singing. Listen to your records and you will notice extra vocals especially at the
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Karaoke Gamer Categories

What kind of Karaoke Gamer are you? 🤔 Karaoke Game can be used in a various ways: you can use all the features or choose your favorites. Karaoke Gamers form a family having similar interests and sharing also personalities. We
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March’s Top Songs on Karaoke Game

March’s Top Songs of Karaoke Game Karaoke Gamers have decided! These are the most popular songs of March: Adele – Hello Twenty One Pilots – Heathens Lukas Graham – 7 years Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna – This is what you
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Beginner’s Guide to Karaoke Game

Beginner’s Guide to Karaoke Game New applications are always unfamiliar at first and maybe you feel a bit anxious when you are still getting familiar with them. When you try Karaoke Game for the first time you don’t have to
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Learn with Karaoke Game

Learn with Karaoke Game! Usually karaoke is perceived as an entertainment and for a reason! It is fun to sing karaoke but it can also be educational. And because of the importance of Digital Learning, let’s use our mobile phones
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Comparing karaokes: Classic karaoke versus YouTube karaoke versus Karaoke Game 🎶

Comparing karaokes: Why would I sing with Karaoke Game? Karaoke has been invented in the 80’s but for some reason it hasn’t change much after. Singing games for consoles have had their eras but none of them has become for
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Best Karaoke Songs of all time! It’s time to sing 🎤

Best Karaoke Songs of all time! So many songs to sing… So hard to choose! Sometimes it’s nice to sing something comfortable and familiar. This list of the best karaoke songs helps you to decide what to sing today: Queen
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Singing Tips

Tips for better singing Why is it so hard to sound good? How is it possible to reach high notes? Singing may feel difficult when you try to sound like your favourite singer and just can’t understand how it’s possible
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