Style yourself like a rock star! 👨‍🎤

Style yourself like a rock star! 👨‍🎤

When you decide to become a singer, you must remember to style yourself in a proper way. Choose your genre and get the right clothes out of your closet!

Style yourself like a rock star

Few artists get their personalities noticed without a certain style. You definitely know Lady Gaga’s extraordinary style and KISS’s personal masks and clothes. Even Ed Sheeran has his own style with laid-back clothes and messy hair. It’s typical to represent genre’s style and season it a little bit with an imagination. 🦄

Your style ROCKS! 🤘

When you decide to sing rock, remember to show your attitude with a suitable clothing. Rock is quite large category so there are many kind of styles to follow. Maybe black clothes with some kind of bright colored details would represent the basic rock outfit. However, I think that today’s big rock bands dress casually. For example members of Imagine Dragons, Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, The Killers and Muse wear often loose jeans, t-shirt and an open jacket. Nothing too complicated, something comfortable but still cool-looking. Maybe you could add something a bit crazy like Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Flea who dyes his hair in bright colors.

Style yourself rock

POP up those clothes! 👒

Pop stars may dress up in a kind of simply way but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a style. Actually pop stars follow or even define the fashion of today. So in my opinion, pop stars’ clothes are as in as can be! Pop stars dress a bit lighter than rock stars. Therefore if you want to sing some pop, you may want to choose some smooth and kind looking clothes when you step to the stage. Boys of The Chainsmokers show up dressed in t-shirts and Miley Cyrus’ new Malibu look prefers white clothes and light dresses.

Hip Hop speaks for loose trousers 👖

Okay, hip hop is one of the easiest styles I think. At least a couple years ago every hip hop fan was easily noticed because his or her loose clothes, skate shoes and a cap. So pick your loose trousers if you seek to be a hip hop artist. Also, suitable accessories could be bandanas or big jewels. It would also be cool if you knew some break or hip hop dance moves! You can always style yourself by learning from your favorite hip hop stars example. Steal Eminem’s clean style or get inspired by Snoop Dogg’s laid-back clothes.

Style yourself hiphop

Heavy Metal needs heavy clothing 👿

If you like singing heavy music, you may feel like dressing in black and heavy clothes. Long hair would be desirable for the best moshing experience. Especially when your clothes weight so much that it’s hard to move anything else than your head. Also, using dark makeup and having some tattoos would be suitable for heavy metal artist. Marilyn Manson and Ozzy Osbourne are great examples of wild heavy music styles. Looking angry and scary metal man is one possibility but if you don’t want to give children any nightmares you can choose a bit softer look. Metallica’s and Iron Maiden’s boys look essentially kind of sympathetic.

Music genres have specialized styles connected to them. Fashionable clothes can be related to global hit music when dark and gothic clothes can conjure up heavy music style. It could be funny to see a heavy metal styled band that starts to play soft pop. On the other hand, that would be a great way to stand out. Don’t take these blog posts too seriously and dress up just the way you feel like! Thanks for reading and see you next time. 👋

Style yourself dap
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