Singers on YouTube part 2 ▶️

Singers on YouTube part 2 ▶️

A few weeks ago I highlighted three singers who had taken their first steps as musicians in YouTube. But there are more singers on YouTube who we have to introduce, so let’s begin with Singers on YouTube part 2!

singers on youtube part 2

Last time we examined three stars. Some of them were more popular than others being categorized into pop stars instead of YouTubers. So it’s true that celebrities like Justin Bieber can be found on YouTube. Also SAARA can be categorized into musician even though she uploads many kind of content to social media. The third singer was Jbunzie who is mostly a beauty vlogger but can sing too!

Shawn Mendes

People know Shawn Mendes because of his list hits but believe or not, he started his career by singing cover songs on YouTube. The first video has been uploaded four years ago and his most popular video has almost 11 million views! This 18-year-old star has melted our hearts with his talent and unique voice. What would be better than a handsome singer with a guitar! 😍

Christina Grimmie

Christina Grimmie started as a YouTuber, uploading mostly covers. Sometimes she made a video together with her best friend but singing was the main theme in those videos as well. She was first known as “zeldaxlove64” but when she got her first album out in 2011, she started to use her real name as her artist name. Christina got popular in many countries and she even had a world tour! Unfortunately Christina isn’t anymore with us. May she rest in peace. 🙏 \|/

Max & Harvey

Max and Harvey Mills form a cute and talented duo, having fans all over the social media. Their main publication application is but they also have over 205 thousand subscribers on YouTube. Max and Harvey publish their own content but they also sing awesome covers! These 14-year-old boys will go places. 😎

It seems that we won’t run out of YouTube singers! You can sing your own version of OneRepublic’s Counting Stars on Karaoke Game. Hopefully you enjoyed this Singers on YouTube part 2! See you next week 😄

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3 comments on “Singers on YouTube part 2 ▶️
  1. KaraokeFan says:

    Wow, interesting post, thank you Jenni! I love Shawn Mendes, but didn´t know that he started on youtube :D. Nowadays it´s easier to get audience through YT than trough any other medium.

    • Jenni says:

      Happy to hear your thoughts! 🙂 Yep, I agree with you. Anyone can upload a video to YouTube and it’s also relatively easy to find new YouTubers.

  2. Bob Lachat says:

    very nice post, i certainly love this website, keep on it

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