Singers on YouTube 📹

Singers on YouTube 📹

Internet is full of talented singers and social media is a perfect place for sharing music videos, so let’s talk about singers on YouTube!

Singers on Youtube

Some of the today’s top artists have their roots in YouTube and also other promising singers keep arising from the YouTube. All kind of entertainers in social media have a big role in this world and they totally deserve to be mentioned! YouTubers may start by making for example gaming or vlogging videos but many of them expand their channels and start singing for their subscribers.

Justin Bieber

Okay, this is the story we all know. Or do we? Justin Bieber is so famous nowadays that it’s almost unbelievable how he started his career. Justin’s mom uploaded videos of little Justin on YouTube and luckily he was then discovered! These home videos were Justin’s road to music career:


Sara Forsberg, known as SAARA or previously Smoukahontas, is a Finnish girl who started her YouTube channel by making vlogs and funny videos for example about languages. She has musical background so that helped her to start making music related videos. SAARA got popular in three years and now she in affiliation with Universal Music Group. She has also written music for big artists, been a host for several TV shows and also released music of her own. SAARA has kept humorous touch in her music videos, so typical! 😀


Many find Jess, Jbunzie, Vill because of her remarkable make-up and costume videos. Jbunzie makes awesome work with re-creating versions of well-known characters and people. Jess likes specially vintage style and Disney movies. Besides being a creative make-up artist and costume maker, Jbunzie can sing very well! This is Jess singing one of her favourite songs:

And the list goes on and on: Christina Grimmie, Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd, Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes… So many popular stars got their start on YouTube! Let’s introduce more YouTube stars later on this Blog.

SingOn Ltd. is a Finnish company which was founded in 2009. It has previously developed a web browser based service called and karaoke service for PlayStation 3. Karaoke Game mobile application is part of SingOn brand having the special lyrics display that shows melody’s pitch with letters so singer can read the lyrics and learn songs’ melodies at the same time. This makes it possible to learn new songs notably faster than with classic karaoke’s lyrics display! Free mobile karaoke app is available on App Store, download it now!
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