Playlist Analysis: Good Old Rock Music

Playlist Analysis: Good Old Rock Music

KISS, Queen, Guns N Roses, Deep Purple You have definitely heard of those big names and hopefully you know also a song or two by them! Good Old Rock Music includes songs of the rock bands that have made history.

Good Old Rock Music

Good Old Rock Music playlist is perfect for those who love old rock bands. If you are not familiar with songs in this playlist, you should try at least a couple of them! These songs are so iconic and definitely belong to common knowledge. Lets introduce some examples:


Rock playlist without Queen wouldnt be a proper rock list at all! Being one of the greatest influences in rock genre, Queen has deserved its place in the history. Freddie Mercury is a legend having a tragic life and amazing as well as special voice. You can definitely learn from his charismatic perform skills and singing technique. Of course its extremely hard to reach his level but its good to aim high! You can get the Queen vibes by singing four of their songs from the Good Old Rock Music playlist. Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Don’t Stop Me Now, Bohemian Rhapsody and Somebody to Love are there waiting for you. Choose your favorite and record your best imitation of Freddie!


Another iconic rock band is definitely KISS. This hard rock band is still active having half of the original members in the band. Have you seen their live show? How cool it is to hear those legendary songs and see the most popular masks in real life! KISSs rock has an attitude and its a bit aggressive. Some may classify KISSs music as heavy metal being so close to the border of hard rock and metal music. Musical styles have developed from one direction to other. In any case, get your attitude to the max level and start singing some KISS! Considerable choices would be: Detroit Rock City and Lick It Up.

Uriah Heep

Uriah Heep is also a popular hard rock band from the 70s. If the name of this band isnt familiar to you, you may still know their hit songs. Listen to Lady in black and July Morning so maybe youll recognize at least the other one. Uriah Heeps music is kind of relaxing and at the same time it has the feeling of traditional hard and progressive rock. The band is still active but only the guitarist is a member of the original Uriah Heep. Members have changed a lot through the times and now the group has remained about the same for four years. The original singer, David Byron, had charismatic stage presence like Freddie Mercury but dramatically he was dismissed from the band quite early. Show your version of Uriah Heep on Karaoke Game!

Guns N Roses

This band is a bit younger than the bands introduced above. Still Gun N’ Roses belong to the list of must-know rock bands! I believe that I’m not the only one who gets chills when the guitar riff of Sweet Child O’ Mine starts playing. After the intro it’s time to start singing hard rock like Axl Rose! And don’t freeze in one place, this is that kind of music where you have to show your attitude with the moves. Take Nightrain for an example, that song is full of hard rock spirit!

These legends and others like AC/DC, Aerosmith, Deep Purple and The Scorpions can be found from the Good Old Rock Music playlist. What are your favorite songs from the playlist? You can sing these songs and more on Karaoke Game mobile app. Just tap yourself in and swipe left until you see this playlist or other songs you like. Happy Singing!

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