New Lyric Display helps you to become a Karaoke Star! ✨

New Lyric Display helps you to become a Star!✨

Do you know the feeling when you are about to start singing karaoke and you have no idea how the melody goes when the lyrics begin? Chorus’ melody may be as familiar as it can be but a little remainder would be nice with the first verse’s melody. Karaoke Game’s lyric display tries to help you with the melody by giving hints of it. Also, in the new version you can easily see if you hit the note. We continue developing the application so that you will have the best singing experience with Karaoke Game’s new lyric display! ☺️

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Our new version of the lyric display includes improved color coding of the pitch. Words will be painted pastel red if the melody goes wrong. The color is orange or yellow when you miss the note a bit and green color shows that you sing the melody correctly. The greener the color is, the closer you sing to the right pitch! Colors were hidden behind the lyrics before so now it’s easier to see which words hit the note. New colors do look pretty cool too!

You can also notice a shadow under or above the lyrics if the pitch doesn’t match. The shadow shows if the sung melody is too high or low by informing the pitch the device recognizes. So if you sing too high, the shadow is above the lyrics and vice versa.

By taking the colors and shadows into account you can train your ear and learn songs faster. For example, I noticed that I always sing flat in Justin Bieber’s Let Me Love You so now I can focus on singing a bit higher. The faster I try to correct my mistakes, the easier it will be! If I don’t care about the problems with incorrect pitch, I may get used to singing the song wrong and then it’s hard to learn the correct melody.

Karaoke Game’s new lyric display is developed for providing entertainment as well as teaching songs. Of course it can’t replace a professional singing teacher but you can definitely improve your singing skills with it. And you can always ask feedback from the Karaoke Game community. 🙂

SingOn Ltd. is a Finnish company which was founded in 2009. It has previously developed a web browser based service called and karaoke service for PlayStation 3. Karaoke Game mobile application is part of SingOn brand having the special lyrics display that shows melody’s pitch with letters so singer can read the lyrics and learn songs’ melodies at the same time. This makes it possible to learn new songs notably faster than with classic karaoke’s lyrics display! Free mobile karaoke app is available on App Store, download it now!
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