Music Festivals

The highlight of summer: Music Festivals! 🎶

Music festivals are one of the best things in summer. Good friends, live music, camping life and hanging out a lot in outdoors for a couple of days in a row! Now is a good time to share some tips for a festival life.

Music Festivals

When you are planning to participate in a Music Festival, you have many things to take into account. Are you going to take part in whole festival or stay just one or two days, where are you going to stay the night, are you going to take your friends with you… When your plans are clear, it’s easier to enjoy the festival!

How to prepare 🎒

First you have to choose which music festival is the one you want to attend. For example I wanted to stay in my home country this year and my friends were going to the festival called Provinssi. Usually the biggest factor in decision making would be the question which artists have concerts at the festival. At Provinssi festival there were big stars like The Killers, Ellie Goulding and Die Antwoord. There is a site called Music Festival Wizard which is a great help if you have problems deciding your target music festival. You can find music festivals by genres, artists, locations etc. How useful is that!

If the festival isn’t in your hometown, you have to plan your trip there. Roadtrip together with your friends would be a perfect mood lifter and staying the night in a camping place would fit to adventure. I always prefer camping because it’s cheap and in Provinssi festival, the camping place is right next to the festival area. It’s always an advantage to have short distances.

How to camp at festival 🏕️

If you choose camping as your accommodation, you should be aware how to do it right. Test your tent and find a sleeping bag. If you are not used to sleeping on the ground, you should consider buying an inflatable mattress. Sleeping in a tent can be made quite comfortable! When your travelling plans are clear, start packing your camping equipment. Remember to pack enough warm layers because nights can be cold! Also hygiene products and food should be taken with. When all the necessities are in the bag, add some extra comfort with mosquito repellant, bluetooth speakers and power banks. You shouldn’t take too many belongings so try to fit them in as few bags as possible. Hiking backpack would be a good option!

How to behave at concerts 💃

Check the concert timetable and highlight the artists you want to see. It’s impossible to be at every concert so you may have to make some compromises. Make your own schedule and include breaks for eating and resting in it. When you are going to concert area, take only the necessaries with you. There are rules in the festival area and you should obey them. If one artist has an audience of 10 000 people, the crowd has to behave well in order to avoid troubles. In Provinssi, crowd surfing and smoking were forbidden. Luckily most of the people obeyed those rules! Also pushing and disturbing others is naturally wrong. Enjoy the good music and remember to respect other people.

How to survive afterwards 😭

The last concert can be emotional and cause melancholy in the crowd. When the music festival is over, you may feel extremely sad. You can buy a souvenir or take a photo of your festival squad and recall your happy memories. At home you may feel tired so take a nap or go to sleep early. You may make surviving easier if you listen to the music of the festival artists and maybe you could start planning the next festival trip!

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