Playlist Analysis: Jazz it up! 🎷

Playlist Analysis: Jazz it up!🎷

Karaoke Game has multiple playlists that help you choose songs to sing. But what do they actually include? Let’s start these blog series by analyzing Jazz it up playlist for the celebration of international Jazz day!

Jazz it up

Overall Jazz it up includes classic jazz songs, for example blues, bossa nova and a bit of soul. Jazz is the base of many music genres so I think it’s hard to categorize music purely into jazz. However, artists like Frank Sinatra, James Brown, Stevie Wonder and Michael Bublé are categorized into this playlist. The songs in Jazz it up playlist have all the same kind of jazzy atmosphere. Let’s pick up some artist and songs from the list!


In Jazz it up playlist there are a couple of remarkable women singers for example Eva Cassidy, Aretha Franklin and Patsy Cline. Eva Cassidy’s Over The Rainbow is very sensual piece of music. Choosing that song on Karaoke Game is perfect if you seek for calm atmosphere. Aretha Franklin’s song is a bit more energetic. Natural Woman is a soul jazz song published in 1968. Many of you have definitely heard Aretha Franklin’s Respect so maybe Natural Woman would be good addition to your collection of known jazz songs. Patsy’s version of song called Crazy is also a song from the 60’s and has a touch of country music. If you have played Fallout games, you can sing and imagine that you are creating a soundtrack for the game! You may notice that the atmosphere in the Fallout game’s music and Patsy’s Crazy are similar.


Maybe you also found familiar men artists from the Jazz it up playlist? I’m sure that Frank Sinatra, James Brown or at least Stevie Wonder rings a bell! Frank Sinatra was a great entertainer in the 20th century being a singer as well as film actor. One of the Sinatra’s most popular songs is Strangers in the Night and it also has a lot of cover versions sung by other artists. Maybe you should sing a cover of your own too? James Brown’s I Got You can’t be unfamiliar song to anyone! That classic R&B song has been used as a soundtrack music and in many adverts on TV. Also Stevie Wonder has well-known songs but maybe Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours isn’t the most popular one? However, you should give it a try!

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