Harmony Singing

Harmony Singing

You may have heard the melody at the background of the song. That’s called harmony singing!

harmony singing

Karaoke Game’s music tracks also include some harmony singing. Listen to your records and you will notice extra vocals especially at the chorus parts. Backing singers give the main melody depth by singing vocals that match the harmony. But how is this harmony singing formed? I want to get my karaoke singing to the next level! 🙂

What is it?

Harmony singing means that two or more melodies are sung at the same time. You can recognize the main melody that you hear from the artists, it’s logically the melody that you’re are singing in karaoke too! Harmony singing gives a boost to the whole song and separates the special parts of the song. As the name suggests, harmony singing is part of the song’s musical harmony.

Start with canon singing

If you would like to try harmony singing, you can start with simple canon known as round song. Maybe you have sung Row, row, row a boat or Brother John as a round song at some point of your childhood. The thing is to start singing same melody at different times. For example one can start singing “row, row, row the boat..” and the next singer starts singing same melody when the first one has sung that first bar. Round music can also be found from popular music! For example Queen has used it as a funny effect:

Improved harmony singing

The second vocal behind the pop song doesn’t usually follow the rules of canon singing but however, backing singer sings a melody that is part of the harmony. Listen to the music and analyze it a bit. If you can separate the tunes behind the chords, you may use those notes and create a melody with the help of them. Usually singing a third below the melody is also suitable for harmony singing. Feel the majors and minors of the harmony and trust your ears! When the chord progression is familiar enough, you can add your own rhythms and polishing to the singing.

Harmony singing is based on music theory but you can also learn it with listening and training your ears. Hum and try suitable tunes, practice makes perfect! 😀

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