Karaoke Game is a mobile service which lets you sing and record songs. You can get the best experience by using headphones and external microphone.


Why is there a dynamic lyric display in Karaoke Game?

Karaoke Game’s lyric display shows melody’s correct pitch among the words. This feature makes it easier to sing correctly and learn new songs faster.

What is scoring based on?

Scores tell how well you hit the right notes. Don’t take it too seriously because of course you can sing with your own style! Purpose of the scoring is to tell you directional feedback based on the standard singing performance. Scores are rated between 0 and 100 000.

How can I find songs to sing?

You can browse songs in playlists or use search, which can be found behind the magnifying glass in the right upper corner. We recommend checking out the playlists, you can find pretty neat gems there!

How can I record a video of my performance?

When you are about to sing, you can choose to take a video of your performance. Click “Video On” to record video. For saving and sharing the performance you have to get a VIP subscription.

How can I share my singing?

After you have sung the song, you have a possibility to share the performance. Check the button on “Share With The Community” and click Done!

How can I save performances to my phone?

At the “Share song” view you can also save the performance to your phone. This feature is available for VIP users.

Why are headphones recommended?

The atmosphere is special when you use headphones! External output and input for audio beat your phone’s quality.

Are the songs original versions?

No, they are covers. Songs are sung by professional singers.

Do I need to pay for singing?

No! You can sing most of the songs for free.

How can I sing all the songs?

With VIP subscription.

VIP subscription

What is a VIP subscription?

With VIP subscription you have access to VIP features. It means that you can save your performances and sing VIP songs. Also you get rid of ads!

How can I get VIP subscription?

You can upgrade to VIP through the application. It’s possible to choose weekly, monthly or annual subscription. You can try it 7 days for free or earn free VIP time by completing achievements.

Does my VIP subscription renew automatically?

Yes, subscription automatically renews unless it’s canceled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Cost of the charge is defined by the chosen package.

How do I cancel my VIP subscription?

You can unsubscribe by turning off the auto-renewing VIP subscription through iTunes. Here you can see step by step guide: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4098. Your VIP subscription ends after the current subscription period. You have access to VIP features until your subscription period expires.

How do achievements work?

By completing achievements, you can have access to VIP features for 60 minutes. It’s possible to have this free VIP time once in a week.

Does the subscription continue if I get a new phone?

Yes! Subscription is connected to your personal user account. You can change your device and have your profile information synchronized.

Does the subscription continue if I make a new account?

No. Subscription is connected to your personal user account, don’t create duplicated user accounts. If you have problems with your account, please send email to support@karaokegame.com.


How can I make a user profile?

When you choose “Me” you can register to Karaoke Game and join our community.

Can I edit my profile?

Yes. You can change your profile picture, user name, bio and nationality.

How can I upload my performances to my profile?

When you share your performances, they appear to your profile’s uploads.

How can I delete my recordings?

Swipe left on the recording and choose “Remove”.

How can I add a profile picture?

You can add picture to your profile in “Edit profile” screen. Choose “Change picture” and take a new photo or choose it from your device’s media library.

How can I delete my profile?

Send us an email to support@karaokegame.com and we will delete your user profile.


What does it mean to follow other users?

When you follow other users, you show as their followers on their profile and their videos appear to your feed view. It’s great way to get new friends!

How can I find users to follow?

You can search for certain users or browse feed. Search view can be found behind the magnifying glass in the top-right corner.

How can I follow other users?

Click ”Follow” on user’s profile.

Where can I find followed users’ videos?

In feed you can find your followed users’ videos.

How do I comment users’ performances?

You can send comments under users’ videos.

How can I report an offensive user?

Please send us an email to support@karaokegame.com.


I have an idea that I would like to suggest to Karaoke Game. How can I contact you?

You can contact us on social media or by email using the following address: support@karaokegame.com.

I have a problem, and I can’t find an answer from here. What can I do?

Tell us about your problem so we can add instructions on this page. You can send e-mail to support@karaokegame.com.

How can I turn off notifications?

You can turn off notifications from your device’s settings.

Do I need Internet connection in order to play Karaoke Game?

Yes. You need Internet connection in order to access the song catalogue and user profiles.

Can I see Karaoke Game’s song collection online?

Yes. Songs can be previewed on our web site.

Where can I read news about updates and new songs?

Follow us on social media and we keep you updated!
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