Community Guidelines


It’s fun to sing and share your performance, isn’t it? Someone on the other side of the world can comment and like your video! We hope that everyone enjoys our community and remembers to behave well.

These Community Guidelines helps us all, so we can sing happily without any bullies! Violators will be banned from the Karaoke Game.


  • Respect other members
    • You know the saying: Treat others the way you would like to be treated. And remember that our singers come from different cultures. Let our community expand your cultural awareness and find you friends!
  • Have the time of your life!
    • It’s totally recommended to have fun with Karaoke Game. Feel the music in your heart and keep singing! Remember to share your performance so you can cheer up others too!
  • Tell us what you feel
    • It’s important to tell if something’s wrong with Karaoke Game or some user is behaving poorly. We are also eager to receive any feedback or song suggestions!


  • Don’t fight
    • If someone is having a bad day, don’t start a fight. And if you are having a bad day, please don’t relieve your concerns at other people’s expense. It’s much better to Sing It Away!
  • Don’t catfish
    • Don’t steal anybody’s identity or pretend to be someone you are not! Karaoke Gamers are real people. Please don’t make many accounts, you don’t have copies of yourself in real world either!
  • Don’t troll
    • Karaoke Game doesn’t have place for mean arguments or users posting deliberately provocative messages.
  • Don’t post inappropriate content
    • We don’t want to see shameless music videos or any erotic fanfictions in our comments sections, so don’t post any kind of obscene or sexual content. And it’s self-evident that you shouldn’t post illegal or copyrighted material either. We will ban every violator and also tell Santa about bad behaviour.
  • Don’t post private information
    • Don’t tell anyone your account information, credit card number etc. Your personal information belongs only to yourself.
  • Don’t play and drive
    • Be aware of your surroundings! Don’t do anything dangerous when you concentrate on singing.