Chord Progression 🎼

Chord Progression 🎼

This week we are going to learn something new about music! Term chord progression may sound like something mysterious and difficult but it’s actually pretty simple when you hear the examples.

Chord Progression

What is it? 🤔

Chord progression means simply that chords are played one after the other. Chords change along with the song and they form a procession. They are harmonically connected to each other and that’s why the song ends up to sound nice! Chord progression can also be called harmonic progression.

Chord progression makes the parts of the song sound different. You may separate the verses from the chorus because they may have different kind of chord progressions. Maybe the guitar is playing only E minor at the verse and when it’s time for the chorus, he or she starts to play E minor, C major, D major and G major chords! That must make a difference. However, the melody and rhythm have usually the biggest part making the chorus special.

Most used chord progressions 🔥

If you have tried to play the most known pop songs, you may have noticed that many of them consist of same chords. The progression called I-V-vi-IV is very popular meaning that numerous songs have same kind of harmonic atmosphere. Musicians are playing notes that have similar relationships: First comes the basic chord of the scale behind the song, then the chord that is five notes above, next one is only one note above the previous one and the last one is based on the fourth note of the scale. That’s why it’s called I-V-vi-IV. You can hear the similarity easily from this funny video:

Those guys are playing same four chords over and over again! There are theoretical reasons why I-V-vi-IV is so popular but let’s just say that it simply sounds good and that’s why we like to sing songs based on it!

Besides of the most popular I-V-vi-IV, you can also find songs with other chord progressions. In the 50’s and 60’s the progression of I-vi-IV-V was highly used and you can hear it also in Justin Bieber’s Baby and Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girls. And if you are a fan of blues, you may have hear the blues progression with I-I-I-I-IV-IV-I-I-V-V-I-I chords. When you hear that, it’s easy to add some boogie woogie to it!

Next level 🆙

When you get to know the basics of chord progression, you can sing and accompany songs at any pitch you like to! If the song goes too high or low, you can transpose the melody and chords if you know the progression of the chords. How cool is that!

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