Playlist Analysis: Admired Boy Bands 👦

Playlist Analysis: Admired Boy Bands 👦

Karaoke Game has multiple playlists that help you choose songs to sing. But what do they actually include? Let’s choose the Admired Boy Bands playlist this time and analyze it a bit.

Admired Boy Bands


Like the name says, there are various boy bands’ songs in the list. Some of them are bands of past golden years and others are today’s teens’ favorites. 😌 So if you like boy bands but are only aware of your time’s hits, you may find new bands to admire!

The Beatles

The Beatles is all time favorite and maybe in a different category than today’s boy bands. Admired Boy Bands playlist includes six songs by The Beatles so you have to sing at least one of them! Hey Jude and, Let It Be and Help! are at least familiar songs so maybe one of them would be an easy option. The Beatles is a band which brings a smile on your face and calm thoughts to your mind. Even though the band is old and gone, their music lives strongly! 💪

The Wanted, Take That, Boyzone

These are more like “classic” boy bands. In these bands, the boys concentrate only on singing so unlike in The Beatles, these groups are singer bands. These boys are born in Europe so maybe they are not so familiar to you? Great reason to try songs like Boyzone’s Love You Anyway or Take That’s Patience. 😉

Backstreet Boys

Now this is the boy band of all time. 😍 In 90’s there wasn’t anyone who didn’t know Backstreet Boys. Even the Finnish people had a nickname for the band! As Long As You Love Me is a perfect song for a lovely time travel back to 90’s.

One Direction

These cuties started their journey together in 2010 when they participated in British X Factor singing contest. Later One Direction managed to win the prize of Artist of the Year in American Music Award. That happened in 2015, just before they announced about their hiatus. 😢 Fortunately they made some super nice songs before the hiatus! One Thing is absolutely one of their best songs, let’s find that song from the playlist and start singing. 😊

These bands are examples of the music behind the Admired Boy Bands playlist in Karaoke Game. Of course we can’t forget other musicians like the boys in 5 Seconds of Summer, Jonas Brothers or Twenty One Pilots. Swipe through the playlists until you find the list of Admired Boy Bands! Happy singing! 😃

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