Month: June 2017

Unforgettable Music Videos from 90’s 😄

Unforgettable Music Videos from 90’s 📺 Do you still watch music videos? Back in time when there weren’t so many options where you could listen to music, you sometimes found yourself watching MTV or other music channel. When you switch
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Playlist Analysis: Sunshine ☀️

Playlist Analysis: Sunshine ☀️ It’s summer and this playlist is perfect for sunny and warm days! Sunshine playlist on Karaoke Game includes happy songs that bring a smile to your face! Some of the songs are old, some are pretty
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The Greatest Song Lyrics

The Greatest Song Lyrics 😊 Some songs’ lyrics make no sense or have no depth at all. However, most of our favorite songs do have amazing lyrics! Let’s have a look of some of The Greatest Song Lyrics. 🙂 Don’t
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Singers on YouTube part 2 ▶️

Singers on YouTube part 2 ▶️ A few weeks ago I highlighted three singers who had taken their first steps as musicians in YouTube. But there are more singers on YouTube who we have to introduce, so let’s begin with
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Achievements in Karaoke Game

Achievements in Karaoke Game 🌟 When you open a karaoke application for the first time, you may assume to find list of songs and playable music with lyrics. But when you open Karaoke Game, you’ll find a view called Achievements.
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